Pasta brushes (and not the other way around)

Painting as a form of expression, combined with pasta (in a new pose) - tempting, right?
Important! Select a suitable range of colors that contrast with the space where you intend to display the painting later. Spor!
You need e:
  • Easter
  • Food film
  • Plates (or improvise an alternative)
  • An A2 sheet (or as big as you can find).
Preparing the paste brushes ( it's easier than it sounds ):
  • Make several piles of pasta and fasten them to one of the sides with elastic e.
  • Bring them to a boil by positioning them vertically so that they are only half in the pan .
  • When they have reached the required condition (soft), run them under cold water and let them dry.
  • Pour the paints into the plates. Cover the surface you intend to work on with cling film and position the sheet .
  • Invite the little painter (in case he hasn't been curiously watching before ).
  • Unleash your inner creative forces!
PS Keep in the frame!