Childhood Magic at Every Corner of the Shelf! ­čîł

At Carousel, childhood is hiding around every corner, waiting to surprise you. Whether it's a toy calling you to play, a book inviting you on a new adventure or stationery inviting you to create, each product has its own story. And if you look a little higher, you might discover a telescope that brings the stars closer or decorations that colour your dreams.

Carousel Eminescu 24

Location that took the 2020 DAS Award

The Power of Creativity and Play ­čÄĘ At Carousel, we've got everything creative and fun. But the magic doesn't stop there! We open our doors to little explorers at creative workshops, reading evenings and adventures at fairs and exhibitions.

Our Mission ­čîč Every story has a lesson, and at Carousel, we want to provide the tools for every child and parent to write stories in which they are the main hero.

Carousel's vision ­čîŹ We want to leave a positive imprint, inspire and educate through what we do. We believe in the power of love, creativity and empathy and hope that every visitor to Carousel shares this vision.

Our Values ­čĺľ

  • Childhood: A world where anything is possible.
  • Evolution and Learning: We grow by helping others to learn.
  • Respect and Transparency: We work with an open heart and honesty.
  • Social Responsibility: We want a better world for all children.
  • Love: Everything we do, we do with passion and dedication.


Chisinau, M. Eminescu 24, 
Program: Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 19:00; Sunday11:00-18:00
Tel: (022) 011 022

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