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Universe. New version - Asya Kravchenko


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"Вы думаете, я учений элеменды школы? Ошибаетесь! Я - писатель. Нет! Я - свидель гобланного катаклизма. Тот кто удидит что будет после". Why did the best child suddenly start "failing"? The Pope is confident: the school is to blame. And Zheka believes that mistakes and confusion are full not only in his own life, but also in the whole world. И это правит толко конце севта! It remains only to choose who to take with you to the new version of this universe.
The story "Вселенная. Новая версия" - the winner of the award. Krapivina (2016).
"Asi Kravchenko's story about a teenager who is waiting for the end of the world and writes a novel about it - an unusually bright and poignant thing, or rather, it is actually the whole world in which there is a modern city, a modern man and modern feelings. The main problem of this modern mira: he is very fragile, and frighteningly defenseless.
Journalist, writer Boris Minaev
For junior and middle school age.

Авторы: Кравченко Ася
Леонова Аня
Age: 6+
Publication language: Русский
Year of publication: 2017
Number of pages: 192
Hard cover
Dimensions: 20.5 x 14.5 cm
Series: The best new book

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