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Дневник плохой девчонки - Gudonite Kristina


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Kotrine is fifteen, she is very stupid and well-read, but the world around her is terribly annoying. Her relatives seem like hypocrites, and her friends - fools and traitors. Kotrina begins to lie to everyone to annoy, make fun of, prank. Only to her diary she trusts the truth.
Череда выдуманных историй, одна другой хлеще, заводит Котрину в тупик; It remains only to run away, and to steal money for the first time. But life is still not so bad, and the most unexpected people meet in it...
Reading the novel, you often think that the author has a very bad fantasy, so it doesn't happen, it's too much. But ask your parents how they behaved when they were teenagers. И если они язуть что был пайньками, дайте честь это книгу, а потом протерите свой вопрос...
For senior school age.
3rd edition.

Авторы: Гудоните Кристина
Translator: Василькова Александра
Age: 16+
Publication language: Русский
Year of publication: 2017
Number of pages: 288
Soft cover
Dimensions: 20 x 14 cm
Series: Oncoming traffic

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