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Adventures of Captain Vrungel - Andrey Nekrasov


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The story of Andrey Nekrasov (1907-1987) "The Adventures of Captain Vrungel" was repeatedly rewritten by the author - his personal circumstances changed, the political climate in the USSR and in the surrounding world. In 1939, the story was first published in a separate book. The story about the round-the-world voyage of the yacht "Beda" was not only witty and exciting, it not only absorbed extensive seafaring folklore, but also satirically described the political map of the world at the end of the 1930s - with German Nazis, Spanish Francoists, Falangists, Mussolini and Japanese militarists. The next version of the book appeared in 1958, and now there are "damages" (according to the expression of Hristofor Bonifatevich Vrun gel) already chankaishisty.
All these realities and the words that describe them are hardly understandable to today's reader. Therefore, the book (reproducing the author's edition of 1958, but with new illustrations by the modern artist Kirill Cheolushkin) is equipped with an extensive - 150-page - scientific apparatus, which explains (and shows - comments include photographs, posters, cartoons) how the first readers of the book saw the surrounding world.
For middle and high school age.
Compiled by Ilya Bershtein.

Авторы: Некрасов Андрей
Челушкин Кирилл
Age: 12+
Publication language: Русский
Year of publication: 2017
Number of pages: 274
Hard cover
Dimensions: 24 x 17 cm
Series: Ruslit. Literary monuments of the XX century

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