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Have fun covering a horse figurine with Patabul’ and Patarev clays to turn it into a beautiful unicorn! It’s easy to do and the result is guaranteed! Just press the clay on the small sculpture, and it will automatically adhere.

Patarev is a revolutionary clay: it air dries (without cracking) so that you can keep your beautiful creations. Also, it does not stick or stain! You can make it bounce, add fragrances to it and mix the colours to create new shades. Its light and stretchy texture is a pleasure to work with and will encourage all artists, regardless of their age, in their creative process.

Patabul’ is a modelling clay that airdries in less than 24 hours. Thanks to embedded micro-polystyrene beads, it has a soft beaded texture that can be used to model any figurine, to add texture to your Patarev figurines or to cover different supports. The colours can be blended together or even combined or mixed with Patarev ones.

Enjoy this fun and artistic activity that mixes two wonderful airdrying modelling clays to awaken your sense of touch and stimulate your creative imagination.

Content of the box

  • 1 unicorn figurine to customise (17 x 17 x 5 cm)
  • 2 colours of Patabul’
  • 6 neon colours of Patarev Styl
  • 1 pair of sequin eyes
  • 1 sculpting knife
  • 1 set of instructions

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