In Chisinau, the amazing, frank and very tender book by Helen Delforge with illustrations by Quentin Greban "Mama" appeared. The book "Mama" — a high-profile event of European exhibitions, which has been in the numerous tops of the best children's books, is actually suitable for all ages. And at five, and at ten, and at fifteen, something will remain unclear in her, and something will be revealed only when you yourself become a mother.

Книга-исповедь, книга-посвящение. Belgian artist Quentin Greban created 32 watercolors dedicated to motherhood, and Helen Delforge wrote texts for 30 of them. The result was a unique album and collection of stories woven from maternal tenderness, hopes, doubts, tears and boundless love.

From readers' reviews:

«Что вы вылые на ее страницах? I have different races and nationalities, from different cultures and social layers, it seems, even from different eras. Maternal care, hopes and fears, anticipation of the first steps and words, memories of them, amazement and overwhelming happiness, enjoying every minute spent with your beloved person, funny and touching conversations with an unborn baby or a sleeping baby, funny dialogues with grown-up pranksters, promises, half-prayers, half-confessions, insight and recognition, stories of single mothers and the grief of the one who lost her son. From several words to whole pages of hurried text - but how thinly grasped, how true, how the lines catch the throat and dissolve before the eyes». (Elena Filippova)

«Illustrations are simply higher than any praise, Quentin Greban and his super beautiful watercolor technique. А тут еще и в дуете с таким селоми, записками, ображании ка детям. Mom... the book is not for children, but for any mother, grandmother, sister, the gift will be incredible, believe me! In general, such records echo in any heart, touchingly incredible" (Aleksey)

«I bought the book more likely for myself!! Очень ждала, долго искала. Incredible illustrations!!! Just need to take it in hand! My son is puzzled that it turns out that mothers are so different! The text is very insightful!» (Julia Pasko)

«Very touching and gentle book. But not quite childish, no. Rather, it is for mothers - those who are expecting a child, and those who have already waited 🙂 It attracts first of all the extraordinary beauty of the illustrations. A small text about different aspects of motherhood is attached to each one – there is anticipation, tenderness, joy, pain, and excitement. You can browse for a couple of minutes. But for this small time, you manage to experience a whole range of emotions. Переворачила last pages I'm already in tears, and I rarely cry over books. And importantly, I want to return to it, to review it. I want to show mom. I want to preserve it for my daughter. (Omiana)