We all hesitate and do not throw away but store all kinds of small things (in various shapes and sizes).

Today is precisely the day when you can capitalize on their intuited potential and involve them in productive activities.

You need: a box, an A4 sheet (or larger), marker/pen/pencil, glue and at least one player.

Game Stages:

  1. Ask the player(s) to close their eyes, or look thoughtfully away until you give them a signal.
  2. Fix the sheet to a solid surface and outline the selected objects.
  3. Collect all the objects in a box and invite the players to analyze the abstract creation on the sheet.
  4. Let them find the shadow for each element

The alternative of using the same tools:


  1. Chaotically arrange the elements on the table .
  2. One of the players (choice), closes his eyes, someone else hides an object drawn from the game table . Mission: to identify what has disappeared.

To be played until exhaustion!

PS If you find other ways to use the given elements in the game or creative process, you can share them with us.