We build a robot from a cardboard box

Does your child also think robots are cool? Mine love them, especially after they get to make them with their own hands.
Daniel has been passionate about robots since he started taking the robotics course a year ago. Adelina, knowing about his passion and seeing how he does at the robotics competitions she visited with me, is also looking forward to the age necessary to go to robotics.
But why wait so long? Robots can also be created at home.
I recently received from Carousel for testing a kit to create a moving robot from the 4M brand , about which I told you more in the previous article .
Although it's easy to follow the steps in the instruction manual, the kids still needed my intervention in places. But it also depends on the age of the child – some could manage without help.
We build a robot from a cardboard box
We placed all the parts and elements on the table and only then realized that we would create the body of the robot from the box in which all the elements were stored - which means that we participate in recycling.
The children were focused and excited at the same time and in some places they were arguing about who was doing more work 🙂 Daniel, being more skilled at assembling, started putting the pieces together, while Adelina prepared the pieces for him and sorted them. But I gave her the opportunity to put some pieces together herself, and she was extremely proud of the involvement.
I connected the 4 wires together with no hope that the robot would start (being my first experience), but I was looking forward to the robot being completed before putting a battery in it and testing if it would actually move 🙂
I left them a bit without my involvement (while I was hiding behind the camera) to see how they do in the team. Both followed the steps in the pictures in the manual and each chose the step they were able to do. I really enjoyed watching them work as a team, although Daniel still had temptations to show that he knew more.
In addition to strengthening team spirit, such activities arouse their curiosity and the desire to look for solutions - and this is the key to the success of an innovative generation.
Finally, I included a battery and the robot started! It's really amazing how it worked out for us!
Adelina kept wondering how it was possible to move so precisely. He loved him very much and never tired of sending him to my feet.
I hope our experience will convince you that it is not so complicated to create a robot that walks without resorting to complicated elements or programming. It's really simple!
Just think of the benefits of this simple engineering activity!
This article is taken from the Planeta Mami blog where the author, Natalia Madan, shares her ideas for games that stimulate curiosity, laughter and creativity, healthy recipes for children, real parenting stories and lots of inspiration for mothers.