Bobby Bandido vs. Corona Vi

Manufacturer Helvetiq has come up with a creative alternative to its Bandido game, pitting it against COVID-19 in an adapted design. We really like it and encourage you to try it too!
You don't have to order it or wait. You can print the necessary sheets at home, arm yourself with a little patience to cut them out, and you can jump into the game. Please find attached the link to download it with rules included here.

Purpose of the game:

This is a special edition for Bandido. If you already know the game you can skip the rules whose essence has not undergone changes.

In the special edition, everyone cooperates to prevent the virus from escaping and consequently spreading. Secure with a dialogue to maximize your chances of winning.

Preparations for the game:

  1. Place the starting card of the game (the one with the virus) in the middle of the table.
  2. Shuffle the rest of the cards and deal 3 to each player.
  3. The remaining cards form the replacement pile during the game.
  4. Since Bandido is a cooperative game, players must discuss the best way to make their moves, but without showing the cards they hold.


The placed card must match perfectly and connect with the created mazes or close them. Continue the game until you block all the exits or until we run out of cards.

! Be sure not to place a card that makes it impossible to close all mazes later.

End of the game:

If you manage to block all the exits, it's a joint win for the whole group. But if at least one exit is free, the virus has freedom and all players lose.

You can also consult the video instruction for a shorter introduction to the terms and purpose of the game:

The list of gestures you can use to prevent the spread of the virus:

  1. Wash your hands regularly
  2. Stay at home
  3. Practice respiratory hygiene
  4. Keep your social distance
  5. Do not shake hands with friends or acquaintances when meeting
  6. Contact your family doctor if you notice symptoms