The German brand Lässig - for the everyday life of parents and children

What does LÄSSIG mean?

It is very simple! The name of the German manufacturer LÄSSIG, which means "casual" (informal, simple, comfortable, natural, unpretentious) in German. The manufacturer develops products that are not only casual, beautiful and functional, but also fun and make life easier. The name therefore matches the manufacturer's philosophy: Simply LÄSSIG!

Lässig baby and parenting products are designed to provide maximum comfort for parents with newborns. Comfortable, high-quality and stylish stroller bags from the German brand Lässig are chosen by conscious parents.

Lässig is a German manufacturer of textiles, tableware and handbags for parents. Lässig develops innovative, functional and stylish products for the whole family. Lässig collections are as colorful and varied as life itself.

"Do diaper bags always have to look like diaper bags?" - this is the question that the designers of the brand asked themselves before creating their line of bags for young parents. The company aims to emphasize the femininity of young mothers in style and attribute motherhood to the functionality of their products.

The combination of design and care for use is the key to the manufacturer's success.

 The company is inspired by the streets and trends of the world, as well as people around the world. People who emphasize their vitality and individuality with high-quality products. The key to the brand's success is a combination of creativity and an understanding of the active lifestyle of young parents.

The company is constantly working on developing and using new resource-saving materials and establishing manufacturing processes. One such material is recycled PET bottles. The brand is known in more than 50 countries around the world. And it has won a large number of prestigious awards both nationally and globally!

Half a million bottles were "fished" from the oceans, from landfills and were recycled through the Save the Ocean - Save the Future product line, which you can also find in the Republic of Moldova, at Carousel!

Carousel offers functional and stylish bags for new parents in a variety of sizes and colors. Also, on our digital shelves and those in the store on Eminescu 24 you will find: tableware, textiles, Lässig brand clothing.

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