Carousel is moving to a new home before Christmas!

In the year of change, in which we all stayed well at home, Carousel ventured in a good way, in a big change. They are moving to a new house!
Since 2017, he has been bringing joy through toys, games, books and everything that helps children learn about the world. What's more, Carousel managed to premiere manufacturers that appealed to kids and parents alike, putting aside screens and connecting through play.
Carousel is about play, creativity, education and adults coming from a happy childhood.
In 3 years, more and more children, small and large, fell in love with toys, games and books, thus the need for the Carousel to move to a new home arose. Bigger, more spacious, with a different showroom philosophy, a first for the Republic of Moldova!
Eminescu remains at the Carousel address, only from 25/1  turns into 24 and goes a little further up the hill, between Sciusev and Kogâlniceanu. The new house is an architectural monument, an urban villa built at the beginning of the 20th century and rebuilt with the help of a team of good people.
The Carousel team whispered the date to us on the 22nd December, so what a great opportunity to visit the new store and pick out some Christmas presents  and  New Year.
By the way, new product categories will be on the shelves, so Santa will be more inspired than ever. 
And as all beginnings are timid, we urge you to be understanding, as the Carousel team will be working hard to grow and improve the new store, so any feedback is valuable.
Note on the calendar: December 22, the opening of the New Carousel on Eminescu 24!