How do bacteria spread?

Awareness of certain aspects related to hygiene is indispensable for everyone's health. We come up with an activity integrated into the game that will help children to be more cautious and thoughtful in terms of interactions with the environment and society.

You need :

  1. A bowl of powder/flour
  2. (Optional) - a dark balloon. Note: You will be able to see the spread of bacteria more easily by wearing dark clothing.

STAGE 1: Spread of bacteria.

  1. Go into the next room and pick a few family members to infect. They have to cover their hands in the chosen dust (flour, powder) - which represents the bacteria (harmless in the given case).
  2. Interact and play together (you can use the aforementioned balloon in an improvised game, explore the room, touch as many objects as you can).
  3. After 5 minutes, analyze the space where the activity took place. Where do you see your fingerprints? Top up the flour/powder supply and continue.
  4. Wash your hands and help clean up any traces left behind.

STEP 2: Make yourself comfortable and engage in a discussion.

  1. Which actions helped spread the flour/powder the most ?
  2. Which surfaces do you think harbor the most bacteria in everyday life ?
  3. How can you help spread the bacteria ?

At the end demonstrate to the participants the correct hand washing!