Board games for fun family weekends

We are a family that loves to spend time playing!
This, in some places, becomes difficult in the age of technology and the constant connection to professional engagements and virtual communication through phones. And since weekends are tablet-free days in our family and we are away from professional activities, we try to spend these days actively and positively. And card and board games encourage face-to-face interactions and eye contact and are an ideal way to take our minds off of over a hundred other tasks and concerns. In addition, games, as simple as they may be, stimulate the brain, memory and strategic thinking.
But most importantly – games are a safe way to connect with children in a relaxing atmosphere!
Now in the summer we often spend time in parks or go to cafes, and card games are always present in my bag.
I love discovering fun board games and we rotate them every now and then to keep the game fun. Some time ago we received 3 new Djeco brand games from Carousel to test in our family, and now I can't even make a top of the best. Obviously, our favorites remain those games in which the little one can get involved - that is, simple and fun games for all ages.
1. Card game "GORILLA" (+5 years)
This game conquered us all from the first and because it is compact, we take it everywhere and don't even notice how time passes.
It's very similar to UNO, but Adelina didn't get to play it, I think she's still too young. Although the game is for children from 5 years old, Adelina very quickly mastered the rules and the flow of each card, although she lags behind with the speed that is important for certain cards. But I'm glad she laughs and enjoys even when she has more books to take 🙂
The Gorilla game is a fun strategy game for the whole family. Although the instructions recommend a minimum of 3 players, with the little one I was able to play with two in order to better learn how to play the game.
The rule of the game is simple: to win, you have to match the animal or the color of the bus from the cards in your hand and get rid of all the cards. Along the way, other cards appear with certain instructions (all competitors take a card, the next player loses their turn, etc.), but the best moment is the Gorilla card - which is 4 in total. When the Gorilla is drawn, everyone must put their hands on the card, and the one who reacted slower, takes 3 cards in his hand.
It is these moments that create suspense and there is great joy when someone receives the Gorilla book. Adelina still can't react, but we also pretend to "catch flies" and hit the last ones so that she is not always the last one to hit.
Although it is a light game, it develops attention, quickness, memory and also generates a lot of laughter!
2. The strategic game "LABYRINTIX" (+8 years)
It's a game of concentration, reaction and speed all in one. It tests your observational spirit and quick thinking skills. But most importantly – it gives you the opportunity to spend time with your older child playing.
As complex as the description of the game in the instructions may seem at first glance, it is as simple as it is to play. Here at one place you need maximum attention and speed. At some point you get confused with the load of cards, which are two.
The rule of the game: you must follow the arrows on the game card and get out of the maze as quickly as possible by grabbing the corresponding totem first. You both happen to grab a totem pole, and that's the fun part. The first to collect 7 cards wins, but if you grabbed the wrong totem, you return a card.
The best I like to play it in 3 and it's very hard to keep your hands relaxed 🙂
It is an educational and fun game at the same time that develops skill, logic, attention and strategic thinking under time pressure.
3. "LITTLE ACTION" active game (2.5 - 5 years)
This game is Adelina's favorite because it involves a lot of movement. She also won her friend over with this game and I was very curious to watch them play and collect the medals. What makes me really happy is that my daughter doesn't really mind about getting less medals.
The rule of the game: each player turns over a card and performs the indicated task: build a pyramid of animals, throw the animal into the air and catch it, hold the animal on its head without falling, etc. If the child completes the task, he gets a medal and whoever collects the most medals wins.

The game, although seemingly simple, develops creativity, fine motor skills and skill. It's perfect for active younger children who can't sit still for long.
Games bring us together and give us opportunities to laugh, have fun, learn and grow as a family. Try to include as much play as possible in your family, even try to make it part of the weekly routine. And in time it will also become a weekend tradition – one that will generate fond memories from their childhood.
This article is taken from the Planeta Mami blog where the author, Natalia Madan, shares her ideas for games that stimulate curiosity, laughter and creativity, healthy recipes for children, real parenting stories and lots of inspiration for mothers.