Toy storage bag that stimulates creativity

Your child's toys are everywhere in the house and you don't understand what your child's play area is? I guess the process of collecting every thing and throwing it in the box or closet after every play is no fun at all. But with this bag you will be able to collect the toys in two steps.
The other day I discovered a new invention for children, but also for the home. But what impressed me the most is the multifunctionality of this PLAY&GO bag. I generally love all these storage things (the fancier the better); we even reserved wide drawers for storing toys just to keep order in the children's room. But toys end up everywhere anyway.
Although I admit, I find fewer and fewer toys around the house as the children grow 🙂
It's not an ordinary bag, but a real solution for parents and children. The bag has 3, actually 4!
Primarily, it serves as a play space when fully unfolded. The edges are slightly raised, thus perfectly delimiting the area. It is ideal for hundreds of Lego pieces, cubes, dolls and baby toys.
You lay it out like a playmat, the child plays happily, and then you just pull the string and collect all their pieces in a bag. That would be the second function 🙂
Adelina prefers to play in the living room, closer to me, and I often have to move all her lap toys from one room to another. At the moment, her favorite game is the store, and that involves many pieces: the heavy cash register, products for sale (a lot!), basket, bags and of course money. The living room is much brighter and more spacious, therefore more attractive for play.
I was thinking these days that it would be a solution for us when we take the children to the babysitter or even on a trip – Adelina will gather everything she needs, we pull the string and we left with the bag on the back. Very comfy! So the third function would be – ease of transportation.
I don't know about you, but with us it is very difficult to convince them to put all the toys back. I've recently started singing her the putting away toys song that Adeline's teacher practices, and sometimes it helps. But to my surprise, my girl lovingly collected all the dolls and stuffed toys and pulled the string. I don't know, maybe it's because it's something new, but I really hope this miracle lasts.
The concept behind the Play&Go bag is simple and revolutionary. It is a bag in which toys are kept, but it also becomes a play mat when laid out on the floor. When playtime is over, collect all the toys with a single pull of the string. Is there any more efficient way to organize toys and keep the house clean?!
Bag customization
But what we liked most is the stimulation of creativity. I chose the bag from the Designer Collection series with numerous printed designs that also comes with 3 Omy textile pockets included. As soon as we got it home, we started customizing the bag.
I spread it on the floor, Adelina and I each chose an image and started coloring. I was surprised that Daniel joined us, he being less fond of coloring books.
It was our first experience of drawing on a textile surface. A very interesting feeling when you see how the characters and colors behave on the canvas. I love everything about putting your art skills to good use!
We made a real team on this activity, sharing the space on the mat and the 3 colors between us. Obviously, Adelina became the owner of the color pink (oh, these girls), but she also gave in to Daniel in the end. She would sit for hours coloring various images, but this idea seemed novel to her and she stayed late into the evening. Eventually it got Dad hooked as well, who joined in the coloring process.
A bag, seemingly trivial, has become a beautiful family activity.
By the way, the OMY crayons (which go together with the bag) are washable and after it has been completely colored, you throw the bag into the washing machine, after which you continue to paint in a different way or in other colors.
This feature – to stimulate creativity – is a powerful bonus to this bag. It's really cool that you can use a product for so many purposes.
I found the bag rug at Carousel , the store-story that I told you about in previous articles . You can find various abstract or character prints and even a road mat – perfect for boys who love racing and have lots of cars (which you can find everywhere).
It's a pity that I didn't know about these bags when Adelina was a baby, the time when she was only playing next to me in the living room - the toys were everywhere, so I didn't understand what the playroom was anymore. However, how convenient it is to move the toys to another room with the help of the bag. That's a brilliant idea!
By the way, it would make an ideal gift for any child, especially when you're at a loss for what to get for a birthday.
This article is taken from the Planeta Mami blog where the author, Natalia Madan, shares her ideas for games that stimulate curiosity, laughter and creativity, healthy recipes for children, real parenting stories and lots of inspiration for mothers.