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Bees - Sokha Petr


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Welcome to the magical kingdom of bees! Рассмотри его обитателей, look at them in the house, get to know their customs. Watch the bee dance and understand when and why the bees dance. Find out how they determined that bees lived in dinosaur times, and find out why they appeared on Napoleon's mantle. Work together with a beekeeper, ride a truck carrying beehives to an almond garden, enjoy different types of honey. Но чур, be careful: don't hurt yourself!
"Bees" is a picture book by the Polish artist-illustrator Piotr Socha, which he created together with the biologist Wojciech Grajkowski. It contains 30 large pages with illustrations (book size - 275x375 mm), which tell about amazing and interesting insects whose lives are closely related to human activity for several millennia. How the bee family and the hive are structured, how the bees communicate with each other, what is the use of honey, how does the beekeeper work, what are we generally obliged to bees. Each illustration is not just a picture, it is a story with a large number of colorful details, supplemented by a small but very informative text.
But an interesting story about bees is not the only purpose of this book. Authors strived to attract readers' attention to ecological problems, the importance of bees in ecosystems, the preservation of traditional forms of beekeeping.
For junior and middle school age.

Авторы: Соха Петр
Sokha Petr
Translator: Kobrinskaya Sofya
Age: 6+
Publication language: Русский
Year of publication: 2018
Number of pages: 72
Hard cover
Dimensions: 37.5 x 27.5 cm
ISBN: 978-5-91759-532

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