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This is my tree


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Sometimes the only way to live peacefully is to build a fence. Even not sometimes, but in most cases. And not just a fence, but stone and high. Especially when you're a squirrel, and you have a tree, and cones grow on it. The book about the most important rules of life, which they don't teach at school. Olivier Tallek illustrated more than sixty books, translated into 15 languages. Several of his series were published in Russian: about the Big and Little Wolf, about Rita and Bublika, "Who's that guy" and others. The book about the squirrel will also be continued. Olivier as no one knows how to talk with children about ethics and philosophy, and his books are interesting and funny to read at any age. The multi-layered problematic of the book is interesting both to 3-year-old children (as a guide to using the pronoun «my», as well as to understanding the true function of the fence), and to adults, for reflection.

Author: Tallek, Olivier

Издательство: Самокат

Page: 40

Year: 2021

Cover: Hardcover

Size: 60x90

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