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Take care, Petunia


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Take care, Petunia by Roger Duvoisin

Petunia has everything she needs at home, but the world is much bigger than the enclosure where she lives with the other animals. What if the grass on that hill in the distance is different, much greener and tastier, than the one that grows here by the fence?

In the great and unknown world there are also dangers. Petunia chooses to leave and is almost caught by the wilds of the forest. Go into the unknown or stay where you are? Want something better or settle for what you have? It is not at all easy to find an answer to such questions. This new Petunia adventure aims only to make us think, like any good story.

Petunia never ate what was given to her. Maybe the others get something better, she thought, and she always took some of her friends' food. He never even touched the grass in the yard. It pecked only from the neighboring meadow, sticking its head through the fence. Petunia, an ignorant and somewhat silly goose, did not like what she had at home at all. He wanted something else.
"Whoah, whoah," she said, looking through the eaves of the fence at the grassy hills across the stream. When I think about how many goodies I could have every day and I don't. Look how green and tender the grass is on Windy Hill!

Age group: 4ÔÇô9 years
22 ├Ś 28 cm/ book with hard cover/ 32 pages.
ISBN: 978-606-8544-40-3/ Year of publication: 2017

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