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Children of the forest


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Children of the Forest by Elsa Beskow

Even if no one has seen them before, there are undoubtedly many families of goblins living in the forests along with the fairies. That's what they say in the stories. And elves, of course, have children too. What do they do all day? They run, hide, jump, shout, play in the water or with stones and sticks — but they also go to school in the forest with all the baby animals, help their parents gather supplies for the winter, help each other or on other living things. Then they run, hide, jump, shout...

In the spring, the goblin children are so happy and rambunctious that it is too much for the mother to keep them at home. They wade through streams, build dams out of boulders or water mills out of sticks, run and jump around as long as the day lasts. Even if they are wet from head to toe, no one argues with them. And let's not get cold. It's great to be a little elf!

ELSA BESKOW (1874—1953) was a Swedish writer and illustrator, author of numerous books with which entire generations of children in Sweden grew up for more than 100 years.

He lived near Stockholm in an old wooden house surrounded by a huge garden and within walking distance of the forest. His own life, the places where he lived and his family were always a source of inspiration. His books naturally combine reality with imagination, children meet fairies, elves and trolls, animals talk, all in a serene atmosphere that transcends time and space.

The style of his illustrations dominated children's books in Swedish literature for half a century and became a source of inspiration for many artists. In 1952, Elsa Beskow was awarded the prize in Sweden Nils Holgersson Plaque for the entire activity.

Age group: 3–8 years
29 × 24 cm/ hardcover book/ 32 pages.
ISBN: 978-606-8544-28-1/ Year of publication: 2016

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