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Donkey-Eared by Roger Duvoisin

Donkey-Eared is a cute and friendly donkey, but he wishes his long ears looked better, not like a...donkey's. What is there to do?

He could ask his friends, the other farm animals, for advice. Surely the dog, the sheep or the piglet know what you need to do to be more presentable. Their advice will surely prove to be of great help. Or not?

Roger Duvoisin (1904—1980) was an American author and illustrator of children's literature. Born in Geneva, Switzerland, he settled in the United States in 1925, where he published his first book. In the following decades he wrote and illustrated 40 of his own books and collaborated as an illustrator on more than 100 children's books created by other authors. In 1947 he received the prestigious Caldecott Medal for the illustrations of the book White Snow, Bright Snow , and in 1966 the Caldecott Honor Award for the illustrations of the book Hide and Seek .

Age group: 4–9 years
22 × 28 cm/ book with hard cover/ 48 pages.
ISBN: 978-606-8544-26-7/ Year of publication: 2016

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